About The Product

Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

BanQ is an omnichannel digital banking platform with modular architecture, that includes four main components: business logic core, integration layer, Open API and presentation layer, featuring Web, mobile, kiosk etc. variations of human interface. The modular architecture of BanQ is drawn on the picture below: all needed objects and methods from the bank’s back-end systems are composed into the uniform set of objects within the system core through the integration layer. Then light BPM engine operates those objects to compose higher-level functionality, based on atomic operations, gathered from the back-end systems. And then the higher-level functionality is forming Open API, that is easy enough to be understood even by non-bankers.

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From the technical standpoint, the system consists of 3 parts: client tools, connecting remotely to the main platform, normally installed in a bank. Part of the system can be stored in the cloud, to unload the bank’s infrastructure partially, and provide faster response to the user requests.

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BanQ is a simple, easy-to-use and secure internet and mobile banking. The product has been designed by IT banking experts and translates their experience to the best possible UI. Also, we give the highest priority to the product usability which is a combination of work-of-art design and simple and convenient user interface.

We explore the client needs and priorities when using our software, make sure that the software performance and design would tick all the boxes for you, and become a great tool to drive more revenue. When designing and deploying the product, we take into account every tiny detail screen resolution of the most commonly used devices, user behavior, security, user’s possible needs etc.

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Lower TCO

BanQ is the most cost efficient system you could have ever imagined as it costs 2 to 4 times less than similar banking software available in the market. Why? Flexible pricing policy, structure including separate module and unique business model make BanQ the best price for money solution and a fair deal for you.

We guarantee that you can manage sales flow easier, faster and at lesser expenses thanks to centralized processing and distribution of the BPM functions between your bank’s systems and BanQ. Forget about having to make changes in each and every procedure and module you have, make a one-time change and will apply to the entire system right away.

Open API

New mobile tool or payment kiosk, web game to market bank products and services, Android widget displaying useful information, contest for the best creative designed by IT undergrads, full interface re-design, custom UI for particular client categories… The only limit is your imagination with the BanQ’s open API, which is included in the BanQ Standard Package. Open API provides great choice of sales channels with no need to contract BanQ developers.

Sign up to learn more about the advantages of BanQ free version, and make the right decision with minimize your expenditures. Make payments, make money transfer between several accounts and manage your finances. The best way to choose an innovative and up-to-date solution is to try it yourself. Open API provides the bank with an opportunity to combine BanQ with custom front-end solutions, apps and widgets, and integrate your system with exterior software to market retail products and services.


BanQ has been designed for your clients to get with the time and be able to access your internet and mobile banking on all possible platforms: iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows 8 Phone, Windows 8 Tablet & PC, Cloud-based Servers, Core Server with free API, Web-module (internet banking) .

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Nice & User Friendly

Our product has been designed by professional bankers avid internet and mobile banking users who also use a number of online payment service on a regular basis. Our engineers try hard to create the most reasonable solutions, research client behavior and needs, and minimize the number of steps a user must take to complete the tasks and goals. Our UI / UX designers make your clients life as simple as possible, while the users can’t cease enjoying the beauty of the product.

BanQ nice & user friendly

Highest Security

The security system is a complex software tech and management tools. At BanQ the main principle of the product deployment is a set of security recommendations we provide for each bank to enhance their security system. These recommendations include:

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One of the main advantages of the BanQ’s architecture is that server authentication service is a stand-alone solution, and not a part of the business logic. This service is very flexible and so:

The main feature of the BanQ’s security system is the above said two-factor authentication, which also can be implemented by the means selected by Customer (other than the BanQ’s security tools). There are two factors required to confirm a critical transaction initiated by a user through self-service system:

In the two-factor authentication, the factor determined as the first one to initiate a transaction is referred to as a key authentication factor, and the second factor to confirm the transaction is called an additional authentication factor.

Our expert team unites professionals with 5+ years’ experience in internet and mobile banking solutions, backend integration, user interface and usability (UX). We are happy to help integrate and deploy the BanQ modules based on your requirements, as well as customize and create a unique design to enhance your brand and take it to the next level.

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