Bank in the Cloud
No need to build complex infrastructure: sign up, plug in and enjoy the cloud — we will help you get your bank online instantly
Freedom of Choice
For the both version of BanQ, cloud and server, Open API allows integrating with multiple front-end solutions and gives you unlimited choise to connect to the latest interactive systems and social networks
Usability is the Key
BanQ is not only rich functionally, but also convenient and pleasant to use. Our professional designers work permanently on improvement of the interface and enhancement of the user experience
Electronic Front Office
BanQ is way more than just a nice website for internet banking or mobile app. It is your banking system, electronic operational office with in-built business logic and banking product management
Open-BanQ Security


BanQ is reliably protected from external intrusion. It’s being continuously tested and evaluated by the best banking information Security specialists.

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Open-BanQ Open API

Open API

Open API reduces dependency on developer, allows to create custom skins, widgets, apps for the gadgets etc., opens the door to the convergence with modern communication systems and social networks.

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Open-BanQ Usability


BanQ is a masterpiece designed and developed by IT professionals whose specialty and passion is IT banking. We are 100% sure that your clientele will enjoy the best possible user experience created by BanQ.

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Open-BanQ Full-blown Self-service product processing

Full-blown Self-service product processing

BanQ is not just a beautiful presentation layer, it’s a complete self-service product processor.

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Open-BanQ Lower TCO.<br>Modular architecture

Lower TCO.
Modular architecture

BanQ is 2 to 4 times cheaper than the similar products on the market, due to the outstanding cost management and module architecture - you can select and acquire only the functional modules you need.

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Open-BanQ Transaction stimulation, Lead Generation

Transaction stimulation, Lead Generation

We build the ecosystems of easy-to-use payment services, design beautiful landing pages, run the internet traffic acquisition campaigns.

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«The future of banking is definitely in self-service. Money loves intimacy — it is in human nature to keep own finances away from someone else’s eyes. BanQ is a full-scope universal self-service front system with rigorous kernel and perfectly designed client facing side — today and years to come.»

 Yuriy Kostiv
(C.E.O., Co-Founder)

«BanQ erases boundary between different banking services creating seamless user experience: traditional mobile & Internet-banking, e-Wallets, personal finance management, NFC, P2P payments.»

 Maxim Orlovsky
(Chairman, Co-Founder)

«The transition from the income and expenses in a notebook to home electronic bookkeeping often appears uncomfortable to the user. But with BanQ these problems do not arise: here the convenience and simplicity of the user interface is combined with the powerful functionality of the system.»

 Alexandra Voropaeva
(Strategic Finance Director)

Our Clients & Partners:

BanQ have been providing a wide range of IT services in Europe and in the emerging markets of the Caucasian countries and Asia since 2012. In 2013 BanQ topped the best sales chart of banking self-service systems in Ukraine, and we have built up a reputation of one of the most reliable IT partners in banking in a short spell of time.

Our expert team unites professionals with 5+ years’ experience in internet and mobile banking solutions, backend integration, user interface and usability (UX). We are happy to help integrate and deploy the BanQ modules based on your requirements, as well as customize and create a unique design to enhance your brand and take it to the next level.

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